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Domain Industry Rocked By Shill Auction Bidding Admission
People pay exorbitant sums to acquire domain names, put Google or Yahoo ads on the parked pages, and collect the advertising fees. They often buy and sell individual ... I once ran a Canadian-based co...

Trademark update
The same phenomenon is seen with patents, where patents are bought up as an investment, as well as with “cybersquatting,” where people buy up domain names and sell them to businesses for a premium. Ac...

Converse Hello Kitty Sweepstakes with Seventeen
IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: By answering a series of questions on this paid Snapchat Discover ad unit that entrants are served, and then entering entrant’s email, first name and last name ... and if there i...

This week in tech: House to vote on Patriot Act
On Wednesday, a number of Internet groups, including Amazon, will testify at a House Judiciary hearing on the .sucks domain name that was awarded last year to a Canadian firm called Vox Populi. The gr...

Ryan Reynolds Says 'No' To GreenLanternSequel.com
Among his revealing answers: he's happy to be known as Van Wilder, he's met fellow Canadian Justin Bieber and he wore ... Horowitz asked Reynolds if he would buy the domain name for greenlanternsequel ...

Gerald Celente Warns Fed May Bring Down the Economy, Crash Markets
But investors who have a long-term perspective can buy silver here knowing it’s one of the rare ... A term that I coined in 2007, took the domain name out. And I was going totally against what the Fed ...

Got Any Old IP Addresses? Need to Raise Cash? You May Be in Luck
These, of course, are the Internet Protocol addresses that coincide with domain names: ... Microsoft has just paid $7.5 million to buy some 666,000 addresses from the assets of the bankrup...

Marijuana Stocks: Investing In Canadian Schwag
In one way or another, these three companies attempt to attach themselves to the Canadian marijuana sector offering nothing ... A company like this gives the industry a bad name. To date, there's no f...

Arthur J. Gallagher's (AJG) Buyout to Solidify Canadian Base
Gallagher share similar core values as well as strengths, which will allow the latter to solidify its base in the Canadian capital ... 5 Medical Stocks to Buy Now Zacks names 5 companies poised to rid...

Your legal pot buying data could get you banned from the U.S., lawyers warn
When Canadians are able to buy legal recreational ... for example, the name of the private-sector cannabis retailer will appear on the credit card statement, says liquor board spokesperson Greg Gill. ...

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