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Web host 123reg wipes hundreds of businesses off the face of the earth
Over the weekend, 123reg, known for providing cheap domain name registration and hosting ... for service to be fully restored -- or even if this is possible. 123reg told ZDNet: "We suffered a technical fault, which has affected a minority of 123 Reg ...

Correction: Global Cyberattack story
A corrected version of the story is below: An alert researcher, cooperation helped stem cyberattack An alert researcher, a cheap domain name, cross-ocean cooperation helped stem effects of cyberattack

Internetters Provide 50% Off Deal on Domain Names
so that more customers were able to save even more money with these fantastic cheap domain name deals.A spokesperson for Internetters, who were the first company to introduce a fully inclusive package for domain names to include registry charges or naming ...

Fake news is a war effort humans need to lead
News headlines today present us with the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithms, which are sold as the “cure all” solution to our problems. From curing cancer or solving the ongoing problem of climate change, to ...

How Today's Hottest Startups Got Their Names
There are no rules to naming a startup. And most entrepreneurs do assume that the name they choose will change before their businesses really start to gain momentum. Consequently, it doesn't shock us that some of our favorite startups were sired by picking ...

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