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Large Hosts Slash Domain Name Prices
Several of the world's largest hosting companies are slashing registration prices for domain names, undercutting even the cheapest domain registrars. 1&1 Internet registered 9,000 co.uk domains betwee...

How to Create a Website
Domain name pricing can range from extremely cheap to extremely expensive ... For more, please read How to Register a Domain Name. Depending on the hosting service, you may need to download ...

Fake UK bank domains EXPOSED
Domains masquerading as legitimate UK bank ... register their own typo variants. It is better to lock down typo domains than to leave them available to someone else and at an average of £12 per year p...

Basic guide to get a domain, set up web hosting and upload your first website via FTP
second level domains (.co.uk ... buy a domain and pay for web hosting from a single provider or get the web hosting elsewhere. Due to the specificity of each service, it’s more usual to get the domain ...

Best identity theft protection of 2018
The best protection isn't cheap – you could pay $30 (£20) a month – but don't let that put you off. Some companies offer basic tools for free, and there are plenty of low cost, high value plans for UK ...

Dot London: City launches own domain to boost online presence
ICANN’s Vice President for Europe, Nigel Hickson, said that, in addition to country-specific domains such as “.uk”, there are currently ... Hickson noted that it is not cheap to run an entity to regis...

GoDaddy Web Hosting
On the other hand, you get a skimpy amount of email storage with its cheapest plan ... also want to check out our story on how to register a domain name for your website. Bottom Line: GoDaddy ...

10 Options for Hosting Your Startup Website
I've listed some of the least expensive ways to host your startup website, taking into consideration cost, platform and business size: 1. Hostwinds. This VPS hosting service is one of the cheapest ... ...

'Accidental hero' triggers 'kill switch' to halt spread of ransomware behind NHS cyber attack
A 22-year-old UK cybersecurity researcher known online as ... not realising at the time that the move would stop the virus. Purchase of the domain reportedly cost $10.69 (£8.30), marking a relatively ...

Orange and T-Mobile’s new combined name: Weird, but not THAT weird
Orange has a very strong reputation in the UK and its ‘Orange Wednesdays’ cinema promotion deal is long established as cheap ... can image domain name squatters are firing up their credit cards and mo...

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