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How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website
Every business needs a website, and the first step is registering a domain name. Our primer will tell you all you need to know to get the job done. Once you've decided to build a website ...

Domain Name Selection – What You Should Do To Get It Right The First Time?
A domain name is not a website address, but much more and business owners have to be very careful in choosing the name for websites that becomes an identity of the business. Domain names have close li...

More Than 20 Domain Registrars, Including GoDaddy Offering .realestate
More than 20 domain name registrars, including GoDaddy ... “As the member pre-sale comes to a close and we get ready to launch .realestate to the public, we’re excited to see how real estate ...

Internet domain names in Malayalam soon
For example, one can enter a domain name in Malayalam to get Malayalam or English content, instead of typing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), the web address that connects users to content ...

Google announces .Dev domain launch dates
.Dev will be released in early 2019. Google has announced launch plans for the .dev top level domain name. Sunrise will start in January 2019. A Dutch auction early access period will take place in Fe...

New York frozen-drink maker sues cybersquatter over alleged domain-name shakedown
Lawyer for the domain-name brokerage firm The initial request ... small businesses whose success attracts extortion artists like the defendants here.” Get a daily roundup of the top reads in personal ...

Uniregistry Introduces Pay to Inquire Domain Buy Service
Domain investors can park their domain names with a Domain Agents inquiry form ... a broker now to acquire it from the current registrant.” When they click the “Get Started” button, they are taken to ...

Recent research: Domain Name System (DNS) Firewall market report
Domain Name System (DNS) is the main pathway ... It is also combined with relevant charts and tables to enable readers to get a better perspective of this global market. Company Profiled: Blue Cat, No...

Legally.co owner fails to get Legally.com in cybersquatting dispute
Company faces the challenge of operating with a descriptive name. An incorporation and trademark filings company has lost a cybersquatting dispute to upgrade its domain name from .co to .com. Legally ...

Without domain speculators VeriSign’s profit outlook would look a lot different
... doesn’t care about domain names, not even a little. Domain speculators or “scalpers” as she called them do not sell more than 2 or 3 percent of their inventory on a yearly basis. VeriSign however ...

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