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GoDaddy will continue publishing most domain owner data
Registrar is more selective about which Whois records will be redacted in wake of GDPR. With the GDPR deadline quickly approaching, the world’s largest domain name registrar has been mostly silent on its plans. Over the past week, I connected with ...

Unintended Consequences of GDPR Threaten Blockchain, Domain Name IDs
There’s also the venerable “WHOIS” (pronounced who is) internet function that allows anyone to type in “WHOIS” and the website address to obtain the name of the owner and the relevant contact information of any internet domain name. ICANN ...

Iconic Megaupload.com Domain Has a New Owner
The forfeiture was made final earlier this year but since then little was known about the fate of the domain names. This week, however, it became clear that the US Government didn’t plan to hold on to it, as Megaupload.com now has a new owner.

Unilever triumphs in PG Tips domain case
Unilever, the owner of household brands such as PG Tips, has successfully recovered the domain name pgtips.com from an organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. British-Dutch company Unilever supplies a range of well-known brands to consumers in more ...

Nike Wins Rights to the Names of 20 Counterfeit Sites
A site that tracks domain name disputes shows that Xu has also been named as the respondent in complaints by brands including Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and HBI Branded Apparel Enterprises, which owns Champion, dating back to November 2017. The complaint ...

Toys R Us IP Sale Reveals Adult Domain Names
As the name would suggest, this is something that the company owns, but not physically. This includes the web domain address for the company. As part of the sale though, in a report via CNET, it turns out that Toys R Us, in addition to their own ...

Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names
OK, OK…but can’t people just look you up in Whois? Nope. Google Registry’s Whois records only show the state and country of the domain owner. Records also show your organization name if you have one. There’s no email address. No phone number.

Domain Name Strategies for Brand Owners
Having a website is essential for any business wishing to have an online presence. In doing so, brand owners are well advised to take control of their domain name management. It is a truism that any brand worth protecting is worth hijacking and nowhere is ...

BitTorrent Site Owners Fear European Domain Name Seizures
TorrentFreak talked to several BitTorrent site owners, and all fear that this may be a test case for a new round of piracy-related seizures. The general opinion is that by including the European domain names, ICE and partners are signaling that no domain ...

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