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Playing a Game of “Guess Who”: The Domain Name Dispute Process Post-GDPR
The qualified good news is that despite these changes, brand owners are still able to file complaints under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) – albeit with more effort. What was ...

WIPO panelist: “not necessary” to make reverse domain hijacking finding
A World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panelist decided it was “not necessary” to make a reverse domain name hijacking finding on a dead-on-arrival cybersquatting dispute. WEDIA SA of Paris ...

Daily Poll: Is a Domain Name ‘Bill of Rights’ Needed?
... name registration company called today for the creation of a domain name “Bill of Rights” to guarantee every domain name owner a formal “due process” when being faced with accusations and demands ...

Uniregistry Calls for Domain Name 'Bill of Rights' in the Wake of Call for Universal Web Contract
... name registration company called today for the creation of a domain name "Bill of Rights" to guarantee every domain name owner a formal "due process" when being faced with accusations and demands ...

Smoothies, Trump and Domain investing
The owners of the smoothie company say dailyharvest.com browsers are purposely being directed to seriously off-brand websites because Daily Harvest won’t pay up to acquire the unhyphenated domain name ...

New York frozen-drink maker sues cybersquatter over alleged domain-name shakedown
and the unidentified domain-name owner. Starting in February 2016, Daily Harvest and Fogarty began “off and on” talks about transferring ownership of the unhyphenated name, the complaint says. Fogarty ...

Reverse domain name hijacking in PetLife.com case
Pet Life, LLC, which uses the domain name PetLifeCentral.com, filed a cybersquatting claim with National Arbitration Forum. The company claimed that the owner of PetLife.com was cybersquatting because ...

Legal tussle between TWG Tea and founder over ownership of domain name
"Mr Murjani has held TWG Tea to ransom by refusing to transfer the registration and ownership of the domain name to its rightful owner," said TWG Tea's lawyer, Mr Tony Yeo of Drew & Napier, in his ope...

Web domain owners paid EasyDNS to cloak their contact info from sight. It was blabbed via public Whois anyway
Domain name registrar EasyDNS has 'fessed up to accidentally leaking cloaked contact details for about 1,500 domain owners in Whois query results for just over 24 hours. Those records – such as names, ...

Domain Name Selection – What You Should Do To Get It Right The First Time?
A domain name is not a website address, but much more and business owners have to be very careful in choosing the name for websites that becomes an identity of the business. Domain names have close li...

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