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Grab Your Free .design Domain For Your Website!
It’s that time of year again. We’ve seen a lot of excitement around .design domain names and we’ve decided to open up our free .design offer again. Right now you can get your free .design domain name for your website! Because your work deserves a ...

Global Domain Name System (DNS) Service Market- Get Current Market Trends
The Essential component of the domain name system functionality on the internet is providing a worldwide, distributed directory service. Request Free Sample copy ofGlobal Domain Name System (DNS) Service [email protected] Market Dynamics for Global Domain ...

Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names
This means you can’t park the domain names unless you set up an SSL for the domain. SSLs can be obtained for free, but it requires some work ... Or you need to suck it up and get an SSL cert or an SSL-friendly landing page service for your domains.

Coober Pedy Council to spend $1265 to buy back domain name opalcapitaloftheworld after forgetting to renew title
The council is negotiating with a man in Sydney to buy back the rights to the domain name opalcapitaloftheworld ... got off scot-free,” Mr Pitman said. “We’re just structure a contract with him; we just want to be certain that we do get it (back).”

EU: domain names and whois information - changes afoot when the GDPR comes into force - get ready!
Whether you own a domain name portfolio or copyright content, or are a user of domain name dispute resolution procedures, we suggest you act now to get your domain name records ... but law enforcement will be given free access. Other interested parties ...

Sci-Hub Battles Pirate Bay-esque Domain Name Whack-a-Mole
much like the rest of the world uses The Pirate Bay to get free stuff. There are more parallels though. Increasingly, Sci-Hub has trouble keeping its domain names. Following two injunctions in the US, academic publishers now have court orders to compel ...

The far-right's favorite social media site may get booted off its internet domain for violating hate speech laws
In a statement to Business Insider, Gab said it "acted in good faith" by booting the user, but it was still was "looking for a domain registrar provider that supports lawful, politically incorrect free speech." "The user in question violated our own ...

30 years ago, UPEI was the first to register a .ca domain name
The very first .ca domain ... and get approved. UPEI.ca celebrates groundbreaking anniversary One in a million: that's upei.ca "It was one of those things where Jim just happened to be the first one to get the university's name in," Vessey said.

This man is suing France for stealing France.com
But now, he's suing his own country to get it back. These days ... The country of France, however, seemed to want its coveted domain name for free. So they took it. Using a French court order that argued France.com was “detrimental to the designation ...

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