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OMG Yahoo Gets OMG.com For Cheap
Yahoo has been active in the domain buying and selling space the past few months ... As we said, it sold contests.com for $380,000, which also seemed cheap at the time when you compare it to something like candy.com, which sold for $3 million in June.

It’s a little scary how smart Google’s DeepMind just got
Don't Miss: Your home internet isn’t as fast (or as cheap) as it should be – but we’ll show you ... “The proposed approach,” according to DeepMind, “does not require domain-specific engineering or time-consuming labelling of the contents ...

Dataworks Summit – Big Data meets multi-cloud
In today’s era of smart sensors, cheap storage and sophisticated algorithms ... Founded by some of the originators of Hadoop at Yahoo, Hortonworks used the event to share its vision of a data backplane that links data from anywhere an enterprise might ...

Why You Should Use Google Apps with a Personal Domain Instead of Your Gmail Account
But personal domains are cheap, and claiming an @yourname.com address to use with ... Or you might just decide some day that, heck, Yahoo has more of what you need, or that Google's reach across your data is too deep. You should have an email address ...

Yahoo Is Now Resorting To Selling Killer Domain Names On The Cheap
No sooner do we finish writing up Yahoo deadpooling yet another project, Gallery, do we get a tip that Yahoo apparently has another money saving/making plan: Selling off domains it owns. That’s exactly what it has done with contests.com, which sold ...

Bamboozled: Yahoo email hack and bank inaction result in $91K theft, consumer says
Next, Fox logged into her email -- a Yahoo account -- and ... "Ridiculously easy and cheap," said cybersecurity expert Mitch Feather of Creative Associates in Madison. All it takes, he said, is to register a domain name, in this case, "mcnalylawllc."

How Is Yahoo So Worthless?
Yahoo is huge. It is the fourth-biggest Internet domain in the United States ... It's very rich. It's also totally worthless. Technically, it's worse than worthless. Worthless means without worth. Worthless means $0.00. But Yahoo's core business—mostly ...

New authentication system tries to block spam
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) --Internet services company Yahoo Inc. Friday said it is working on technology to combat e-mail spam by changing the way the Internet works to require authentication of a message's sender. Yahoo said its "Domain Keys ...

13 Free and Cheap Website Monitoring Services
Not surprisingly there are a wealth of free and cheap website monitoring services available ... The free notifications package contains email alerts, 10 SMS notifications, and Yahoo Messenger. The only problem with the service is that it requires a ...

The 6 best free iPhone games of the week
Don't Miss: Your home internet isn’t as fast (or as cheap) as it should be – but we’ll show you ... Gather resources and craft tools to build shelter and hunt. Expand your domain while capturing and taming dinosaurs to do your bidding.

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